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  • Factory recovery from Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia
    The sudden arrival of novel coronavirus pneumonia casts a shadow over the new year of 2020, and also brings a series of impacts and challenges to various enterprises.
    But we haven't flinched, and we are all together. All walks of life are using their own actions and love to build a wall of disease resistance.
    Guidance on epidemic prevention and control was also carried out as soon as possible, and strict preventive and control measures were taken on personnel and workplaces after rework: grasping prevention and control of epidemics in one hand and resuming production with one hand in return.
    In order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic situation of returning employees, Dongguan Jinbilai Hardware & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. guarantees the physical health and life safety of the employees. All returning employees must report to the company in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention process. All links are normal. After that, ensure that they clearly understand the code of conduct during the epidemic prevention period before they can enter the factory area and conduct quarantine observation in accordance with relevant government documents.
    Each employee needs to wear a mask. In order to ensure a safe working environment, at present, the factory has been fully disinfected at regular intervals every day, and a special person performs daily temperature measurement and registration.
    In the past two weeks, we have successively received relevant government support, and the supply of epidemic prevention materials such as masks has also been guaranteed to a certain extent, helping our companies to produce products with quality and quantity in a special period.
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